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Toa (トア) is a recurring character in this series. She is an adventurer and the older sister of Rinon.



kind and loyal has terrible management skills with money put her in dangerous situations can be intelligence and foolish


She became an adventurer to find the short sword that her ancestor lost after losing against Shin, which later came in the possession of Makoto Misumi. The short sword has now returned to Toa by Makoto.

Powers & Abilities



  • Rinon
  • Makoto Misumi: As Toa resembles a friend of Makoto (Hasegawa) he saved her and took her with him to Tsige
  • Mio
  • Tomoe
  • Louisa
  • Hazal
  • Ranina
  • Aznoval: he has a connection to her family from the parts and blame himself for the downfall of her family but he come to respect her decision to lead a new life as a Adventurers.



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